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This is the starting point for all of the game rule information. It will be updated as I have time, and is not the last word on rules (there will be more errors on this page than in the .pdf, that’s for sure). The game we will be playing is comparable to (and based on) BESM 3rd Edition, but it is our own unique system, so it will probably take a little bit to get used to.

December RPG System basics

The December RPG System is based on the mechanics of BESM 3rd Edition. This is a very points-based system, where Character Points (CP) are used to build your character from a pool of Skills and Talents. Character Flaws are also available, that give you extra CP to use when creating your character.

At character creation you are given the largest pool of CP, which you use to purchase not only Skills and Talents, but your Ability Scores. In addition, you will be given a pool of Shadow Points (SP) which are only active when you are in Shadow God Form. SP work like CP, but, again, are only usable when you are in your Shadow God Form.

As a character progresses, there are no “levels” – but each session the character will receive additional CP, and at different dramatic points in the story the character will receive additional SP. CP may also be given as a reward for good Role Playing.

Character Creation Guidelines

The characters in this game will be built from 150 CP and 200 SP. Each character is required to provide a detailed background, personality, and if possible a picture. Various tracks for use as theme music are greatly encouraged.

Every session, 5 CP will be rewarded, with additional points given as Role Play rewards.

Basic Ability Scores

There are 6 basic Ability Scores – Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma. These are given a value at character creation that is between 1 and 6, and the value itself can increase beyond 6 to as much as 12. Values of 7 and 8 can be taken with GM permission, but 9+ will not be available until later in the campaign.

Here is a scale indicating what the Ability Scores mean:

Derived Statistics


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