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Welcome to the December極月 Wiki!

Campaign World Wiki

Here is a database with information about the world that December極月 takes place in. Most of the information is just to give ideas for character creation, hints about upcoming content, and more detail about the world for those who are interested. This world was created by me, but it belongs to all of you; feel free to add your own information to the database, and help me build a fantastical world for us to adventure in! Campaign World Wiki

Player Character Wiki

Here is a database for the Player Characters ~ backgrounds, personal accomplishments, and any other info. Feel free to create diaries, journals, or other kinds of logs that your character might keep. Player Character Wiki

Game Rule Wiki

The rules for this game are heavily modified. This is a TON of information about the game’s mechanics so that you can reference it anywhere. Game Rule Wiki

How to edit a wiki

Click here for instructions on editing the wiki. Editing the Wiki

Main Page

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