Ryang Sungs Backstory

Ryangsung Kim 김량성



Birth date: 12/29/1996

Ryang-sung is a Korean, but his family has resided in China since before he was born. Raised in Beijing, he grew up in a bilingual household, although his time in China has given him a bit of an edge in that language. His father, Kim Tae-Ook (김태욱) is a Korean salary man who works for Samsung. Tae-ook spent his earlier years in the military, and was a linguistic specialist, speaking English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese all fluently. After he left the military (because of health issues) he began work at Samsung, quickly becoming a higher-up manager in the company, often being sent on business trips to coordinate the company’s global efforts. During this time (about the age of 35 or so) he ended up marrying a Chinese woman (who had Korean ancestry) and more or less permanently moving to Beijing, with only occasional business trips for years.

Because of China’s strict policy of one-child per couple, he was raised as an only child until the age of 8. At that point, his mother (배효숙) had a dream (she says a vision) that she felt meant she needed to have another child… and her husband requested to be transferred to another location. His request was approved, and his family moved to Tokyo Japan. Tae-ook still makes his business trips, but his wife’s wish was granted and in Japan, when Ryang sung was 10 years old, his little sister was born, who the parents named Yu-mae (김유매) which means “dream” ~ in memory of the dream that her mother had (and borrowing the Japanese word for dream, because they had moved to Japan to realize that dream.

In elementary school, Ryang-sung had a hard time learning Japanese. But, over the next 5 years he became pretty good at it, and it isn’t really an issue now, at the middle-school grade 5 level. It takes him a bit longer to read and write, and he talks with a Chinese accent, but is passable as a Japanese boy.

A bit of a troublemaker himself, Ryangsung quickly made friends with some of the other troublemaking boys in school. What started out as teasing him because of his Japanese became friendship as they grew older and expressed shared interest. A unique quality about his character is that Ryangsung is very forgiving, and naturally sees the good in people before the bad.

When he moved to Japan, the kids couldn’t really pronounce his name very well, and he ended up with the nickname “Handsome” (pronounced more ハンソム), partially because he was a good-looking boy, but mostly because it was a simple English word that they thought his name sounded like.

“Handsome” does ok for school, at least in the subjects he likes. He has to study Modern Japanese to be able to communicate better with his peers, and he finds Ancient Japanese easy because a lot of the material covered is old Chinese poems – things he’d studied earlier in life. He is terrible at math and doesn’t understand physics at all. He likes English and tries his best, but receives poor marks in reading / writing. His conversation is passable, but by no means the best in the class. He is a star player on the school baseball team, playing Center field and a rather heavy hitter. He chooses World History because he thinks it is more important than to focus on just one country. He chooses to go to the art class, and is rather good at drawing manga-style cartoons. He cuts class from time to time and has some problems with the administration.

Here is a typical report card:

Modern Japanese – - – - – - – B

Ancient Japanese- – - – - – - A

Math – - – - – - – - – - – - C

Physics – - – - – - – - – - – C-

Physical Education- – - – - – A

World History – - – - – - – - B

Art – - – - – - – - – - – - – A

English Reading/Write – - – - C+

English Conversation- – - – - A

After school, he plays on the Baseball team, and is involved in the Art club when he gets the chance, because that’s what he enjoys the most.

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Ryang Sungs Backstory

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